Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The many sides of me

For those of you who have blogs, have you entered the wonderful world of Site Meter? It can be really addicting. It tells you the ISP of people coming to your blog, as well as how they got there. I can see those who get here from my old blog, those who arrive by way of Don's blog, those who hit "Next Blog" at the top of Blogger, and those who get here by search. The really cool part is that I can see what searches bring them here.

Apparently, I have a few personalities. I've had people arrive here looking for everything from a homemade chicken plucker to a Gordon Gatrell shirt. A few people come here looking for controversy of one kind or another, all because of this one little post. A few people have come because of my one mention of Craigslist and they were searching for actual things that might be listed on there, like American Girls or cloth diapers. I've had people search for "beautiful white board calendars", "prairie style dress patterns", and "country living mill email address". Clearly, these people weren't looking for a homeschooling mom's drivel about these topics, but for real, serious information. It's sort of like dialing Moviefone & getting Kramer. I feel bad for them, I really do. But, well, it does make for a few moments of amusement for me!

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Stella said...

Hey Gina, just wanted to say "hi". I have something similar for my blog - statcounter.com but I never check it. I have seen some interesting keyword searches for my blog too, which of course I can't remember. That's too bad about the whole NE/no midwife allowed thing. That just seems so bizarre! I hope it all works out!