Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Peach Pickin'

A week and a half ago, we spent the morning up at Date Creek Ranch picking peaches from their u-pick orchard. The peaches were ripe, juicy and delicious. We ate them right from the tree. We learned pretty quickly that the bees also enjoyed a ripe peach and would nibble on them. But, if you eat the other side where the bees left the peach alone, you are guaranteed one fantastic peach.
The kids sure ate their fill. Meagan left with peach juice dripped all down the front of her shirt and all of hands were sticky.
Don was the official top-of-the-tree peach picker. He tried using an apple picker to get the really high ones, but that tends to poke the delicate peaches. So, he resorted to just reaching as high as he could & sometimes lifting Meagan up to get a beauty just out of his reach.
We ended up with 11 pounds of peaches. Not counting the ones that left already in our tummies. (Don't was allowed!!) If I knew anything about jam making, we definitely would've gotten more. The only we did with them besides just eating them plain was to put them in smoothies & in our yogurt. Yum! Yum!

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