Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm changing my name to Gigantor.

I'm starting to feel a little self-conscious. See if you detect a trend here.

Yesterday, Meagan and I were doing her "100 Easy Lessons" (reading) and she likes to come up with a sentence to fit the word she just read. For example, she may say "SAD...I cry when I am sad." Well, then she read fat. Her exact words were "FAT...My mommy is fat." Said as she affectionately rubs my belly.

Another thing the kids like to do it assign parts in a movie. For instance, "You be Nemo, I'll be Nemo's dad & you be Dory." Or "You can be Westley & I'll be Buttercup." Well, today, we are driving in the car & I have my feet up on the dashboard (Don was driving, don't worry!) and out of the clear blue, Meagan says, "Mom, you can be Gollum because you have enormous feet!" Umm...thanks, dear.

And then, just about 15 minutes later, she says "Mom, remember those HUGE panties you have???" Ok, ok... now WAIT JUST A MINUTE HERE! I am NOT fat, I do NOT have enormous feet and my panties are NOT huge!!! Yes, yes, I've put on a few pounds, but for crying out loud, I'm just pregnant! Boy, is she gonna be sorry someday when I repeat these fine words to her when she's pregnant with swollen feet and wearing maternity underwear. Just you wait, Meagan, my darling.

Now, please excuse me while I find a necklace to hang my wedding ring from, as my fingers are starting to look like sausages.

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