Thursday, September 3, 2009


When Annabelle arrived at our place last May, she looked like she had been through a rough time. Not at all to say that she hadn’t been well cared for…just that she was shedding her winter coat (it was much colder still where she had come from), had just calved, and had just made a long trip. She looked worn out.


And while her looks improved tremendously after she finished shedding, she still wasn’t quite beautiful. And then winter came and she really slimmed down and got her shaggy coat back.

This spring, however, we brought a whole new cow back off the big pasture and in to meet the new arrivals. She hardly looks like the same girl.

She is gorgeous now. She is sleek and plump (as much as a cow should be, of course). Frankly, when I see her now, I feel like she would make a most excellent model for the cover of a dairy magazine (and yes, they have them…lots of them, in fact). Except for the flies, she’s just the perfect picture of a Jersey.

And, along with her beautiful new look, she’s also become top-dog around here. With the addition of the 4 other ladies, Annabelle has asserted herself as the head mama. She’s not mean…she just makes sure that the others know that this was her turf first.

Supermodels always have been a little full of themselves, you know.

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Nancy M. said...

I can't blame her for thinking she's all that! She is gorgeous!