Saturday, September 5, 2009

Curly carrot top

While I've always fully expected to eventually have a child with hair as curly as mine, I never expected this.This boy has got a curly tuft of hair smack on the top of his head. And I cannot get it to lay flat for the life of me. Even I didn't have hair like that...not this young.What had made his look even more comical is that he lost most of the rest of his hair! I have no idea why, but the rest of the top of his head became cue-ball bald while he continued to have this crazy, sticking-up mass of curls in the center. I'm sure people thought I had done it on purpose. His hair is coming back in now (so I have no fears of it being a permanent look!), but it was so funny for a while there.So, let me just say it now...if you continue to have curls so strong that they stick up straight for the rest of your life, I'm so sorry, Josh. Just tell people that you stuck your finger in an electric socket. It worked for me.