Monday, September 7, 2009

Clay dirt surrounding the house + Rain = Squelch + Squerch

Work will continue at our place tomorrow. Last week, the footers for the addition were poured and the lagoon was dug. It is fascinating how fast things are moving along, now that they've started. I guess I'm used to the "hand-dug" pace at which we normally build. Now, cement trucks come the same day the footer is dug!That was the footer for the root cellar! Just imagine it filled with garden goodies for a winter's storage!

Lagoons are the preferred system for handling household water waste (isn't that a pleasant way to word what would otherwise be sickening??) in Nebraska. This is mainly due to our very clay soil. In fact, in some counties, you are required to put in a lagoon if you live on more than 3 acres and a septic tank would be a big no-no. The whole idea of a big pond to hold that stuff is pretty gross if you ask me, but they say it is much cleaner, given our soil. Anyway, our house was set up on a septic tank plus a gray water system for everything else, which isn't up to code, so when they hit (and broke) the gray water line, we had them dig the lagoon. That way, everything is nice and legal. Now we have a nice big lagoon on the property...and no, you don't want to go swimming in that.
The addition is coming along quite nicely, but it is not so pleasant when it rains. We are already climbing down a ladder when we leave the house and passing things out the bathroom window. And then we get rain. Let's just say that we all had a good 2 inches of mud stuck to the bottom of our shoes by the time we get across the mud field. The house is not very clean right now. But, I just hold on to the visions of a completed house and a nice new mud room and all is well.

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~OurCrazyFarm said...

A-Ha! That's why you have been in my thoughts and prayers so much lately:) Just keep reminding yourself of how far you have come, rather than how much you have left to do. We keep hoping that will work:) ~Terri