Wednesday, September 2, 2009


At just past 21 months old, Abby has only 3 words under her belt. Mama, Dada, and Hi. She shakes her head No, of course, and can meow like a kitty. She still makes a strange gutteral noise for all animals that just can’t be translated to letters. And she has a few signs…More, Please, and Drink.

She has no need for any other words. She’s a master of the grunt. She can communicate better than any one I’ve ever met with just a grunt. I probably understand her better now than I will when she starts using words since she’ll likely butcher them at first. She’s doing just fine. She doesn’t need any more.

Until now.

Guess what the easiest sign to teach a toddler is? Try candy. Just one demonstration of the sign followed by the giving of a treat and, by George, she’s got it.

Now, to get her to STOP signing it…

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