Friday, November 9, 2007

Random Randomness

First off, I'll answer the important questions...
1. Yes, I'm still pregnant.
2. No, I don't know when this baby is coming.
3. No, I don't know what she's waiting for.
4. Yes, I'm very uncomfortable.
5. Yes, I will try to post when something happens, but...
6. No, if I don't post, that doesn't mean baby's here! (I made at least one person think that by not posting yesterday!)
I have informed Don that I am officially a watched pot. And, as I told my good friend, A, I just ain't boiling yet!

Second, Caleb has started a blog! If you'll look to the right at my list of blogs, you'll see a new addition...FarmBoy. That's him! He has lots of ideas of things to write about. (He's desperate to tell his version of the plumber story!) He'll also be putting up some of his writing assignments for school, as he has already been typing them on the computer. He's very excited. Now, when you visit, you may notice that his "About Me" says that he has 2 sisters. Yes, we jumped the gun a little, but I just figured it'll change so soon, that it'd be ok. No, you haven't missed the announcement! Go take a look & leave a'll make his day!

Third, I made my first-ever batch of whey! I was a little unsure of what I was looking for, but it seems to have turned out just fine. Now, I can make more of those Nourishing Traditions recipes. I've also broken out my yogurt maker & hope to get some yogurt (for starter) to get that going soon. Of course, I also hope to go into labor soon, and if that prevents me from going to the store, I won't complain!!

Fourth, the roof is on the garage! Don (with the help of a couple of the neighbor kids) got the last of the sheeting up. Tomorrow, he hopes to get the ends (ladder-like pieces that create the overhang on both sides) and the fascia up and then start papering and shingling. It's pretty cool to see it coming together. I'll try to snap some pictures tomorrow, but again, if labor prevents me, I won't complain!!

And fifth, the chickens are now very comfortable outdoors. When Don and Caleb open the coop in the morning, they rush out. They've also moved from huddling close to the coop to exploring the entire area. And, Chief Wahoo has gotten in a few times but has left them alone. She's decided they are too big. Once, we even found her asleep inside the coop when the wind was bad. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that she isn't a threat to them. I'll try to get some pictures of them in their yard tomorrow as well, but...well, you know.

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