Friday, October 12, 2007

The tale of a country plumber

We had a minor plumbing problem. Namely, a big stink in the basement & a leaky commode. And no, the stink in the basement is NOT the chicks, though they are definitely getting to where they are creating an "odor". So anyway, we called a local plumber to come out and take a look.

He was to come out yesterday morning. We had been doing school and I gave the kids some workbook assignments to do and went downstairs to take care of the chicks. A few moments later, I hear the side door open. Wondering what the kids were doing going outside when I had given them task, I walked over to look up the basement steps where I had a clear view of the bottom of the door. Instead of seeing kids leaving, I see a big pair of boots and big, thick legs standing there. I can't tell you all the things that were running through my mind, but among them were "What on earth?" and "Why, oh why, is the gun upstairs and not here with me?" and "Oh my goodness, the kids are up there & I'm down here & SOMEONE is in between us!" So, I holler out "HELLO???" and I get a response of "Plumber." The man had just walked right into the house! What kind of person just walks into someone's house? Apparently, this kind. Is it because in the country, you know everyone & it's alright to just walk in? I don't know. Maybe he was good buddies with the previous owners & felt right at home. At any rate, I was quite surprised.

As far as plumbers go, I was relieved that he was not a stereotypical plumber doing "crack." No siree, this guy had on the stereotypical country overalls, so there was not a chance of crack. What a relief!

He took a look at the water, said he'd need a wax ring, and that he'd come back tomorrow. After all, he had a furnace to fix that day. Apparently, he only does one job per day. Well, actually, he said that he'd come back tomorrow, "unless something else came up." Excuse me? I AM what has come up. Have you SMELLED my basement? I can't imagine a city plumber like this.

Well, today, he came back. We were ready for him. We had the door locked. But, it was unnecessary, as we saw him drive up this time & opened the door. He pulled up the toilet, replaced the wax ring, asked about the previous owners & where they had gone, declared it fixed, and left. $40 later. Also something I can't imagine from a city plumber.

After he left, I went into the bathroom to clean up any spills or messes he left. I found my FACE WASHCLOTH all wet and in the sink. Apparently, he had needed it for something. I think I just got a new cleaning rag.

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JennR said...

That is just plain gross! Doesn't he have some plumbing rags he can use? No mattter whether it is my toilet or someone elses, I would never use their towels/washclothes.