Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Casting Votes

I've mentioned before that I am studying the book of Daniel right now, both at an official Beth Moore Bible study & at home with the kids. Something that has really gotten my attention through this study is how God's will is ALWAYS done. Period. Is there a proud king ruling? The good news is, God put him there. The better news is, God can humble him. The best news is, God will use it all for His glory. Today at Bible study, we discussed the idea that Alexander the Great was the horn of the shaggy goat in Daniel 8. Alexander conquered pretty much the entire known world while he was in power. I'm guessing it wasn't a pretty sight either. I bet that followers of God were wondering how a good God could allow someone to cause so much war. But guess what? Alexander was put there by God & used by God for His glory. Alex caused the spread of the Greek language, making the world ripe for the spread of Christianity. Alex's ego was used by God to make His word spread easily. How awesome is that?

Today, as people go to the poles & fret over the possible future of our nation, I'm resting confident that WHATEVER, it will be God's doing, He will use it, and He will be glorified. Yes, I voted. Absentee-style. But really, I just want God to do what He will. Have at it Lord! Magnify Your name! And thank you that I can be along for the ride!

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