Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Our Wild Weekend

This past weekend left us questioning our sanity. We got in the car Friday around 2pm, dropped one car off at the airport parking lot & then started driving to Nebraska. Around 10pm, Caleb threw up for the first time. All over. And, yes, "first" is the operative word there. So, we stopped, wiped up what we could, gave him a plastic bag to do it in next time, and kept going. With a new lovely odor in the car. Through New Mexico, Texas & Oklahoma, he threw up pretty much once an hour. We actually got pretty efficient with it. And yes, this is all through the night. By morning, he had stopped throwing up & just felt week & tired. By the time we arrived in Nebraska, it was a 27 hour trip. Of course, we doubt it would have been that long had we not had such adventures over the night. Anyway, we unloaded the car at my Grandma's house, found out that the car wash place that does interiors wasn't open again until Monday morning, got some dinner & then drove to the airport to pick up Don's parents. Sunday morning, all 7 of us drove down to look at our farm. (In the smelly van!!) We also drove around the town & the county seat & had lunch in a diner there. By 6pm, they were dropping us off at the airport & we were flying home. We left our van there, at Grandma's house, because we don't need 3 cars here & we'll only get 2 moved anyway. So, luckily, Don's parents weren't flying out until Monday afternoon, so his dad took the car to be cleaned in the morning. I can just imagine what the car would've smell like after sitting for maybe up to a year with that in it. Yikes. Need I say that we didn't get any school done on Monday???

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