Saturday, November 4, 2006

A split chin & a trip to the ER

On Friday, we had our PE co-op. During the warm-ups, the kids were running laps around the outdoors basketball court & Caleb ran into Meagan, causing her to trip & fall. I didn't see it happen, but I turned to see one of the moms leading Meagan to me, cupping her hand under Meagan's chin. Man, can the face really bleed! I felt bad that this mom had a handful of blood, but I rushed Meagan to the bathrooms & started to clean her up. Then I realized that this wasn't a scrape, but a big gash. I could see about a half an inch deep into her chin! Meagan got to have the honors of being the first to need our first aid kit & I taped it up with a butterfly tape. We spent the next hour & a half in the ER waiting room. The really fortunate part was that we had planned on picnicking at the park (first Fridays are Public Speaking day, where we eat & listen to the kids perform what they've been working on), so we brought our lunch into the ER. We were the envy of everyone in there! We finally were seen & they just glued her up. We were both pretty grateful that she didn't have to get stitches. We didn't get home for nearly 3 hours. Ugh. What fun. BUT, as I told Meagan, a trip to the ER always must be followed up with a trip for ice cream. So, we went to Leap's (our favorite frozen custard place) and ordered a nice big helping of chocolate custard with toppings. Not a bad end to an eventful morning.

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