Sunday, October 21, 2007

That's one handy man I married

Yesterday, the walls of our new garage went up! I had mentioned a few posts back that Don was building a garage, but I never elaborated. So, here are the details & a few pictures to go along.

When we bought this house, the previous owner had started a garage. He had obtained a permit, but after putting down the foundation, never finished. So, we had this huge pad for a garage. Don was nearly ecstatic when he realized that it was 2.5 cars wide and that actually, if you put the door on the side, you could fit 3 cars in. We couldn't change the door placement, however, as there were already bolts sunk into the foundation in place for anchoring the walls. But, that is just fine, because this allows us to fit 2 cars inside and have plenty of room left over for his woodworking adventures and other storage that we don't want to have all the way over at the barn.

Don was able to go into Menard's and input the dimensions, make some choices, and have an entire parts list print out. Then, we just ordered it all & waited for the delivery.
The kids and I watched as they delivered the pieces for the garage. They were sufficiently impressed by the truck and the driver's ability to maneuver the equipment.

Don had been working ever since on framing the walls and was finally ready yesterday for them to go up. So, we called our neighbors and a few relatives from Lincoln and like troopers, they all came. Gotta love that!
Our neighbors brought 5 of their 9 children. They were all a great help and we actually managed to get the first two walls up with just their help. Even the little kids, ours included, helped.
My uncle and my cousin's husband arrived by the third wall and everything was really falling into place. Literally! We were all very impressed at how well everything fit together. Here is Don in is new overalls. Doesn't he look the part of a man of the country?
And lastly, here they are putting on the final touches of this stage. In other words, here they are trying to anchor everything so that it doesn't fall over before the rest goes up. Don's hoping that the trusses can go up next weekend. Our goal is to have a complete garage before snow hits.

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