Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Milk, it does the body good!

I have been without milk now since we left Arizona. We guzzled the last of our raw milk there as we were checking out of our hotel. I've come to the point that I no longer just think whole, raw milk is superior, but I feel that pasteurized, homogenized, and commercially produced milk is downright bad. Yes, there are organics in the grocery store, but they are still just full of dead milk. And with what I've learned about many big-name organics, I don't trust them to be much better than a conventional dairy. Those cows need to be on pasture, not standing around in a fenced-in pit of their own filth!

Anyway, so we've been without milk since September 14th. And I've really been starting to feel it...can you believe that my fingernails have gotten weaker??? They are breaking and splitting constantly. But, we've finally found a raw milk source & boy, oh boy, was that good stuff last night!

The milk we got in AZ was from Holsteins. There was about an inch of cream at the top of the gallon bottle when it separated. And that's an inch at the narrowest part. This milk we got here was from a different breed. I forgot to ask what breed, but this milk has a good 3 inches of cream! It is soooo tasty! Now, I know that lots of people are afraid of fat, but truly, this is the fat we are supposed to be eating. Throw out the fries, not the whole milk!

At the farm, I also picked up 10 pounds of grass-fed beef, 5 dozen eggs from pastured chickens (those yolks were so golden & beautiful at breakfast this morning!), and 2 stewing hens. I got my good-food fix! Now, I just need to turn some of that beef into frozen meals for after Abby arrives!

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