Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Because 8 years just might be needed

Today, Caleb drove the van. Sometimes I surprise even myself. He drove from the house to the barn, since we needed to unload some things from the van into the barn, and Don was quite surprised to see us driving up with Caleb in the driver's seat. I sat in the driver's seat too, with him in between my legs. (This was made a bit awkward by the fact that my lap is pretty non-existent right now!) But, he did the steering and the pedaling. And the braking. Oh, have mercy, did he do the braking. Meagan was in the passenger seat and at one point, I thought she might go through the windshield, even though we never got above 3 mph. Gently applying the brakes is definitely going to be something we'll have to work on.

After coming back from the barn, (he drove back too), he promptly informed me that he will need more lessons. Yes, dear. Because 16 is oh, so close.

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