Monday, October 29, 2007

Post-birth Freezer Inventory

For your perusal, my freezer inventory:
-2 meals chili
-3 meatloaves
-11 dozen meatballs (5-6 meals)
-1 beef & potato casserole
-1 lasagna (2 meals)
-2 spaghetti pies
-1 breakfast casserole (probably 2 meals)
-2 meals tortilla soup
-1 loaf zucchini bread

See, I can get things done when I get motivated!

I only have chicken & rice soup left to make, but truth be told, I think I just may wait to throw those ingredients into the pot when I start labor. I know I'll want something to eat, and that seems like a good thing to put in my tummy at that time. Of course, if it doesn't happen sooner rather than later, I'll probably just pre-cook it anyway, or the ingredients may disappear.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I haven't cooked that much in such a short time since I used to do once-a-month-cooking. It's satisfying to know that there is so much easy food to eat. Meagan is upset because she LOVES spaghetti pie and doesn't see why we can't just eat it now. Oh well, I guess she's learning delayed gratification.

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