Friday, November 2, 2007

Simple summer November.

Abby's due date is 9 days away and I am ready. Very ready. I've now run out of nesting activities. In fact, last night, I decided to make a skirt for Meagan. Why? Well, because every girl needs a summer skirt when the overnight temps are freezing. The fabric was sitting there & I was bored. So, here it is.
I just sewed two wide rectangles together, put in a hem & put elastic in the top. Very easy. I have enough fabric left over to make a matching skirt for Abby, which I think I will do.

Meagan was shocked that I got an article of clothing done in one night. She is used to me taking weeks to finish something. I do love the look of the more complicated things I've made (like the prairie dress or the nightgown), but I must admit that I'm much more likely to sew something if I can get 'er done quickly. I'm really looking forward to TeamBettendorf's dress tutorial video that has been promised. She makes adorable, simple dresses for her girls that I know Meagan would love. Plus she promises that any nincompoop can make it, so it's right up my alley!

I've also been eagerly eyeing the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog, as I love to get ideas of things to sew for gifts. It will have a new sewing project idea for gifts for every day in November. In 2007, I made a bunch of bonnets for birthday girls. Christmas is coming up, though, and I'm REALLY behind in gift ideas. Usually, by now, I not only have everything purchased, but wrapped & packaged to ship, if needed! But, this year, I guess I decided I wanted the challenge of getting things ready with a shorter timeline and a new baby in the house. Sometimes I wonder about my sanity.

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