Monday, September 3, 2007

One step closer

Don has successfully driven the pickup up to our place in NE with a load of garage/outdoor stuff. My dad flew in on Friday night and they left early Saturday morning. The truck was loaded with over 1400 pounds of junk! Whew. I can't imagine what the rest of our stuff is going to weigh. Anyway, after a stop for the night in OK, they arrived at the farm on Sunday. I was a little concerned about things flying off the truck as they drove. I've seen enough sofas, mattresses, and other litter along the highway to know that it does happen. But, everything was tied down well enough.

The best news of the whole adventure for Meagan is that there were 5 kittens waiting at the house. She can't wait to get there & start taking care of them. Oh boy, 5 stray cats. Grandma is glad, I'm sure, to get our VW Golf out of her garage. We had originally driven the van up in November and left it in her garage, but exchanged it for the Golf in February. That was better all around, as it let us use the more comfortable van and decreased the amount of space used up in her garage.

Don flies home tonight. While he was gone, I've been packing. I'm down to having only a few things left to pack. I estimate 2-3 boxes left. Well, that, and to finally pack up the TV, DVD player, and Nintendo. The kids have been playing copious amounts of Nintendo this weekend while I worked. But, then, all their toys and books are packed, so they don't have a lot of options. School is on hold until we get unpacked at the new house. It'll be probably a 3 week break. (Meagan will still do 100 Easy Lessons while we move, so she doesn't lose the progress she's made.) Things are really coming together! I absolutely cannot wait to get to NE.

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