Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Maybe a little too much fun?

A couple of weeks ago, we invited a single guy who works with Don, S, over for dinner. He brought a new game he had just purchased called Settlers of Catan. We played a couple rounds and he went home. But, he was back a few days later to play again. And a few days after that. Don was completely obsessed with the game too and so, being the good wife I am, I bought him the game. Sometimes, giving in to his obsessions cools the fire a little bit. Not this time.

Since August 11th, S has been here at least 5 times. And, since the game arrived via UPS, we've played several times on our own. The kids are finicky about it. Sometimes they are gung-ho about playing & other times, they want to do anything but. Meagan, though, loves it when S comes over & she can be his helper.

Well, last night, I woke up when Don asked me what was wrong. Apparently, in my sleep, I had sat up in bed and was searching through the sheets. What was I doing? I was looking for the dice. Cause in my dream, it was my turn. Methinks we may have played a little too often.

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D'Ann said...

That's too funny. I know what you mean about maybe a little too much fun, though. We bought DH a Wii for his birthday and he literally got so sore that he had to take painkiller from playing too much. :-)