Sunday, March 11, 2007

When 1 and 1 equal 5

When does 1 and 1 equal 5? You know, as a homeschooler, I'm sure that you are currently quaking in your boots to know that I am the sole provider of the education of these kids here. Really, you can relax. Sometimes, 1 and 1 DO equal 5!! When, you ask? When the two 1's are actually lines on a pregnancy test, of course! And, thus is the equation in our lives now. Those 2 little lines will mean that our family will be growing!

In case you were wondering, NO, we didn't have enough goin' on!!

We are thrilled beyond belief. We waited, oh, about 15 minutes to tell the kids. We just couldn't hold our excitement in any longer. They are very excited too. For the first day or two, Meagan probably approached me 6 or 20 or maybe 442 times and just giggled & grinned & said something about the baby. Caleb wanted to know how the pregnancy test worked & if he could see it!! I have a feeling, we are going to be answering a lot of questions about the birds & the bees for the next few months. They did a great job keeping it all under wraps until we just couldn't stand it any longer & had to tell everyone.

By the way, do you know how hard it is to write on your blog about other things & ignore the biggest, most fantastic, thing ever??? Hard. Let me tell you.

We don't know how all this will affect our situation with the move or the adoption. We don't plan on really letting it affect either, but God's timing is perfect & we're letting Him direct our paths. And, oh, He is so good.

So, around November 11th, 2007, we'll be turning this foursome into a quintet. Oh, sweet music to my ears.

Oh, and here's the proof...

I'll post a picture of Meagan in her new "Big Sister" shirt in a few days.

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Stella said...

Congrats Gina! I am so happy for you and your familiy!