Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A few odds & ends

First, the deal of a lifetime. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Literally. I actually have dreams about this stuff. Anyway, I went to a little neighborhood kids/maternity retail shop yesterday just to see what they had. I found a long black Mimi Maternity (if you are wondering why I'm shopping for maternity, get thyself down to the next post, my friend!) dress. Just a simple black dress. One of those you could easily dress up to be an evening gown, but you could also get away with wearing it to church. It still had the original price tag on it. $98. Guess how much I paid. You'll never guess. Come on, try! Ok, I'll tell you. 25 cents. Yes, 25 cents. I'm still in shock. I bought a hundred dollar dress for a quarter. And, it's nice! Wow, I'm still on an adrenaline high from it. I got 3 other maternity items, including a black velvet Mimi maternity dress, an Old Navy v-neck shirt & a Motherhood red sweater. All for 25 cents each.

Second, Caleb had 3 baby teeth pulled today. Poor kid. His canines were in the way and not letting his permanent teeth come in. His mouth is really crowded & his big front gap doesn't help things. Also, he had a hung-up molar that had not been able to move all the way had been sitting in the same, just-erupted position for probably a year, so they yanked the baby molar out that was blocking it. I think the tooth fairy doubles her rate for these sorts of situations!

Third, morning (all day) sickness hasn't been too bad yet. It's off & on. At one time of the day, I'll be feeling like my stomach is sitting about and inch under my throat & ready to spill it's contents any moment. Later, I'm just fine. It's weird. Since often a sign of a impending miscarriage can be lack of morning (all day) sickness, Don has taken to saying "Good!" when I tell him I'm not feeling well. I mean, I understand and all, but that doesn't seem very empathetic, does it?

And lastly, I have absolutely no idea what to plan for dinner tonight. I'm usually much better about having a plan, but I wasn't feeling great at lunch & ate the leftover meatballs & spaghetti sauce over noodles that I had reserved for tonight. I seem to crave Italian when my stomach is turning. Weird. So, now I don't know. Caleb thinks we should treat him to a post-tooth-extraction dinner out. We'll see about that.

I'm working on getting that photo of Meagan in her Big Sister shirt. Really, I am. Soon.

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