Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Laundry list of Birthday wishes

Caleb has a birthday coming up & it's been the topic of much discussion around here. First, his meal requests. He asked for chicken pot pie! What a kid. I find that very amusing. So, I will be making chicken pot pie for lunch. Then, we will have pizza and ice cream (Chocolate Fudge Brownie, LOADED) for dinner. We're also having his good friend and his family over for dinner and presents. He requested ihop for breakfast, but I told him I had already picked up the ingredients to make breakfast sandwiches special for that morning, along with fruit smoothies...that satisfied him.

He will have a fun-filled day too, not just a stomach-filling day. Don is taking the day off & will be taking him to do the flight simulators at the base. I know Caleb will have a blast. He did it once before when he was around 4 & was convinced for years that he had actually flown a plane. After lunch, they will go back to the base & watch some of the planes practice for the upcoming airshow this weekend.

He has also been eying his presents for nearly a month & trying to come up with an acceptable present-opening order. I think he has decided to open Meagan's first. I am requiring that he open his biggest present last. I can't wait to see what he thinks of the present we got him. Let's just say, it's a manly-man present!

Meagan will not have such a fun day on Caleb's birthday. She gets to go to the doctor's for her sports physical. She is terrified that they may tell her she needs a shot. And then she has to go to PE, which is definitely fun, but probably not as much fun as flying a plane!! And, she is convinced that she does not like chicken pot pie. Poor girl.

In other news, both kids started baseball season this Tuesday. They both had a great time. I was sure that Meagan would act like her normal ultra-shy, slow to warm self, but she did great. She had to race the rest of the team (all boys, except 1 girl) and she beat about half of them! She was feeling very confident after that. I think this season will be really good for her. And she's excited about it. Caleb enjoyed it too. He's played 3 seasons of basketball now, so baseball is a nice change of pace. I think he'll end up being pretty good at it. Basketball was a challenge for him. But, he seems to have a better throwing arm than shooting arm. Hopefully, I'll get some good pictures of this season!

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