Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh, the stress of it all!

You'd think that with all that is going on in our lives (adoption, pregnancy, job search, move, home buying) that we would be totally and completely stressed out. But truly, I think we are taking it all in stride. God knows, even if we don't & really? That's good enough for me. Really, I just have to laugh through it. Yes, I don't know where we will be when this baby is born. I don't know where Don will be working when we move. We've got a house & land sitting there waiting for us & I have no idea when we'll get there. But, that's fine! I'm excited for the ride.

But picking a "provider" for this birth? Totally stressing me out. Midwife or OB? Home birth or hospital? How do I find her (must be female...just a quirk of mine)? The thought of interviewing people leaves my stomach turning (or is that morning sickness???). Interviewing realtors when we sold our house was bad enough...and that was just our house! This is my baby! Oh, and then add into the mix that if I pick a home birth, our insurance will not cover it. It won't be too expensive, but still, it is hard for me to spend money like that, especially if we could get by with paying nothing if I go with an OB. There is 1 semi-nearby Certified Nurse Midwife that insurance would cover with a hospital birth, but she's in a high-risk practice...I don't know what that means for her birthing practices or philosophy.

Of course, I know that the answer is to turn this over to God, just like every other aspect of life. Why am I taking the burden of this? I pray that He opens the door I am to walk through & closes the others.

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