Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our house

(If you are here for my "announcement", keep going down, cause this ain't it!)

We closed on the house next to our farm today. It is such a relief to have that done. I was really trying to not worry about it. I mean, after all, if something happened & the sale fell through, then it obviously wasn't God's plan for us. But, now that it is over & done with and the money has changed hands, I'm surprised by the relief I feel.

So, our house is a little 1925 farmhouse. It's got 3 bedrooms, 2 of which are on either side of the stairway upstairs & have dormers. One will be the boys room & one the girls. We figure we can fit 2 bunk beds in each room, so we are prepared for quite a while yet, come what may. The master bedroom is downstairs in what was once a dining room or parlor area. It has double doors and is directly across from the living room. The kitchen is too small to fit our table, so our table will go in what the last owners used as a living room. It will also be our library. We will put our couch and TV in the basement. And the basement will also be where the majority of toys will go. It'll be cozy, but I'm looking forward to it. When we lived in TX in our 1939 house, I loved it. I'm tired of the cookie-cutter neighborhoods of suburbia.

Also on these 4.5 acres that we just closed on, there is a 2000 square foot barn, a chicken coop that has seen better days (it is currently a gathering spot for the numerous cats!), and an outhouse that is currently not operational (it is sitting on a concrete pad). I can't wait to get there & get my garden started! Don and I are still debating where it should go, which is hard to do going from pictures, our memory, and guessing what the sun & water runoff will do.

It is hard to sit here with our land and now our house sitting there waiting for us.

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