Sunday, November 26, 2006

When did I get old?

I was watching When Harry Met Sally the other night while I was waiting for Don to get home from court. (As an aside, can you believe court went on until 11 pm on Thanksgiving eve???) It was at the part where she's sitting at the restaurant with her two girlfriends and they are talking about men ("you're right, you're right, I know, you're right"). Sally tells them that she's broken up with Joe & when they ask why, she explains that she realized that she is 31 & basically needs to get on with life cause time is a'tickin. I'm sitting there looking at these ladies, and, well, they are who I used to think of as old. They are standing on the brink of "Too Late" and looking over the edge. 31. 31 is suddenly too old to be messing around. And, to be real honest, I feel like I don't look their age. In my mind, I'm still 20. I actually occasionally wonder if people think I'm too young to have a 7.5 year old. Not out of vanity, really, but because I truly view myself as barely of legal drinking age. But, of course, they aren't thinking that. Because, after all, I'm 31! And, I'm sure I really do look it. I'm right there with Sally & her friends. In fact, they probably look younger because they have Hollywood makeup artists to make them up. Anyway, I guess I'm done with my ramble. I'm gonna go put lotion on my face to keep the wrinkles away. And then, I'm gonna check for gray hair. And then, I'm gonna laugh & thank God for my family & the adventures I've had in these 31 years.

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Christi said...

Wow! Stay outta my head! Those are EXACTLY my thoughts about myself. I look in the mirror and I see the same face I've been looking at all my life, which is NOT the face of an almost 34-yo. My mother still thinks I look just like my graduation photo. Certainly, other ppl think so, too, right? I mean, if I was a drinker and ordered a shot of something, I'd get carded, right?

LOL, too funny that I'm not the only disillusioned one!

Many blessings!