Friday, December 1, 2006

We're getting a tree!

Yippee! We are getting a real live Christmas tree tonight...FREE! I'm so excited. We weren't going to have a tree at all this year. Last summer, we gave away our tree to the church for their Arctic Edge VBS & thought we'd get a new fake tree. Well, then we found our farm & there are tons of Christmas trees all over the land! We'll have trees for the rest of our lives! So, it would be silly to buy a new fake tree now. And, we didn't want to spend the money on a real tree this year. We're saving every penny for the farm.

Anyway, we got a notice that the base was giving out 200 free real trees today! Dh went over & got a voucher, so we will pick our tree up tonight! We have to go buy a tree stand, though, as we've never, ever had a live tree before. Time to dig all the ornaments out too...thought we weren't going to be needing them! Oh, what fun! What a neat blessing.

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