Saturday, July 1, 2006

An offer!

Today we received a phone call from our realtor that we were to have a showing at 9am. It is only day 3 of being on the market & it is such a buyer's market here, with homes being unsold after 130 days, that I wasn't expecting really to have much traffic. The house was clean, but there were things we needed to do, like mow, that we had to do.

The news is that shortly after our 9am showing, our realtor called again to say they had made an offer, a very nice one!!!! Whooo hoo! We had another showing in the afternoon (and made ourselves scarce by looking at rentals & eating frozen custard at our favorite place, Leap's.) We do expect to accept this first offer. Some may say that an offer so quickly in such a market is a sure sign it is underpriced. But, that is just it. It's soooo not! I believe this offer is a gracious gift from God & I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth! Our proceeds will enable us to buy land for our farm, with as little debt as possible. God is so good. The only scary part is that they want to close in only 18 days. So, for the next 18 days, my to-do lists may look something like this...

1. pack boxes

2. pack more boxes

3. pack some more.

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