Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A view of yesterday

Mondays are the absolute hardest day of my week. Especially MOPS Mondays. I'm the coordinator for our MOPS group & though I love the ministry, it makes those Mondays really hard & long. Here's our day...

*Up at 5am.

*Started dishwasher (I try to only use electricity after 9pm & before 9am, so sometimes, there is a load sitting for me when I wake up, if I forget to start it the night before after 9pm.)

*Checked email & my favorite blogs. (it takes a while for my eyes to warm up & begin focusing, so I do this before getting into my Bible)

*Quiet time with the Lord.

*Cooked breakfast & ate with Don.

*Showered & dressed.

*Packed up stuff for MOPS.

*Got the kids up & fed & dressed.

*Left for MOPS, picking up one of the childcare workers on the way.

*Prepared the MOPS room, doing my stuff & the stuff of two of the leaders that were not coming.

*MOPS meeting.

*Picked up the MOPS room & came home, dropping off the childcare worker.

*Fixed the kids & I lunch & ate.

*Put them down for a nap (for Meagan) and quiet time (for Caleb).

*Fell asleep on the couch for about 45 minutes.

*Woke up & worked on doing MOPS stuff that I needed to get done.

*Kids up.


*Chores (abbreviated version!)

*Started dinner.

*Don home.

*Ate dinner.

*Played several rounds of Uno with the kids.

*Watched Little House on the Prairie & ate popcorn (one of our favorite night-time rituals).

*Got the kids in bed.

*Turned on an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond & snuggled on the couch with Don.

*Fell into bed.

I think what makes these Mondays so hard is that I can't get school started until after nap, which means the kids are not in school-mode at all. Also, I can never get all the chores I want to get to done. I don't clean on the weekends when Don is home, so by Monday, the house is a little ripe for cleaning! But, I do so enjoy spending time with other women at MOPS & it's such a reward to be serving them. So, for now, this just means hard Mondays & making things up on Tuesdays!

As an aside, I had been looking for a replacement for me for next year, as I will be (Lord willing) traveling to China, bringing a new baby (or two!) into the family who will probably have some attachment issues to work out, and homeschooling a K & 2nd grader. Anyway, it'll be time for me to step down. So, I was praying for the Lord to be stirring the heart of someone to be willing to step forward. And, He provided not one woman, but 2! They will co-lead and I feel so happy & confident that they will be wonderful leaders. It's very awesome!

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