Friday, January 20, 2006

A trip to the donut shop

Ok, ok, so this might seem strange after my post a few days ago about how I don't eat sugar, but as I said then, I'm not maniacal about it! Just a little nuts.

Anyway, we read Homer Price today, chapter 3, about the donuts in the shop. So, we decided to take a field trip to Krispy Kreme. Now, if I was "Super Homeschooling Mom," and not just "Average Homeschooling Mom," (The costumes are color-coordinated, but mine's not as flashy. I do still have the cape, though!) I would have organized a tour of the facility among all my other homeschooling friends, setting up a clear objective, and perhaps ended the day with a trip to the library to look up facts on donuts. But, as I said, I'm just "Average Homeschooling Mom" and the extent of our day was to look through the windows as the donuts go down the belt & get glazed. We were given 3 free donuts (I didn't know they did that! I guess the deal is you get 1 free plain one when the HOT DONUTS light is on!) and bought 4 more for dessert tonight. Just to give you an idea of how rare a treat this is, Meagan (4yo) had to be reminded what a donut was & she didn't think she remembered ever having one! Anyway, they were yummy & the kids were impressed. And, though not the work of "Super Homeschooling Mom," I don't think the kids will be denied entry into college because of my sub-standard field trip! Of course, 2 donuts in one day may kill off some brain cells, but we'll risk it!

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