Friday, January 20, 2006

One of my quirks, I suppose

I've been taking an informal poll lately after I realized that I'm a little weird. Well, I guess I knew that before. But, now I have proof.

When I eat celery stalks, my tongue gets a weird tingling burning sensation. Amazingly, I have discovered that this does not happen to everyone! Imagine that! I always thought it was normal. Anyway, it seems to happen to very few of us, actually. I'm beginning to wonder if it's a celery allergy. How weird would that be? I'm not allergic to much at all (hay fever & cats, maybe MSG) but the one thing I might be allergic to is not one of those foods that most people prone to allergies are allergic to. It wouldn't surprise me if it was crab or milk or peanuts. But celery?

Anyway, it's just another little quirk that proves I'm strange. But then I already knew that!

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