Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just one of the masses now

I'm so depressed...we just got cable. No, really, I'm not depressed. Just can't believe that after over 7 or 8 years without, we now have the silly thing. We actually, though, did not get it for ourselves. (yeah, right, you say? well, it's true!) We are going to be gone for 7 weeks & we'll have a house-sitter, a single guy living here. I just didn't have the heart to make the poor guy "suffer" through without a tv. (We get NOTHING without cable...with rabbit ears, we get 1 channel VERY fuzzy.) But, since we have cable internet, it is actually no charge to have basic cable added. So, I called yesterday to have it added. I told the kids that we would absolutely NOT be watching it & that as soon as we get home, we're disconnecting it again. Of course, they are so used to not having it that when we are staying in a hotel, they can't figure out why we can't just pause the program while they run to the bathroom. Or, why they can't watch whatever show they just saw again the next day. Anyway, so, here lies this little cable curled up on my floor, waiting to be hooked up. The silly little thing!

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