Thursday, January 26, 2006

Beautiful sunny AZ

It's been so gorgeous here the last few days that I have remembered why I really like it here! Come summer, I forget. But right now, it's just wonderful. I've been opening the french doors wide open during the afternoon & the kids have been playing like maniacs in the back yard. We didn't even get our school work yesterday done. We had 2 things left to do, but they were playing so good together & having so much fun, that I didn't want to stop it to finish school. I guess that's another one of the joys of homeschooling. I get to cancel school early for GOOD weather! Maybe we'll just move school outside today.

The other amazing things was that the kids did not ask to watch a video at all. They normally get one video a day, which is usually a short one (an hour or less), but they were so involved with playing that they plumb forgot. Gotta love that!

Now, if I could just find an area of the country that was this lovely weather-wise, but had really fertile ground & water that bubbled up instead of having to rain down, I'd be in heaven! By the way, my dh just told me that as of Saturday, we had gone 100 days without rain here. I guess that makes today 105. Things are a little crispy here!

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