Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home

We are finally home from our trip (got in late Sunday night) and hmmm...I'm under a mountain of laundry again!! hee hee.

Good news & bad news on the mousie. Good news is that I put out 2 traps in the garage before we left & actually caught him before we left. Bad news is that his party invitations were already in the mail & we returned to the other trap filled. No evidence of mousies in the house, but I don't know how many are out in the garage!

Our trip was really nice. We got to spend New Years at Don's family's annual get-together. Played lots of games...Apples to Apples is really fun! Our kids got to play with their cousins & we got to see Don's sister & family who've been in Germany for the last few years. The funeral went well...lots of people there. Caleb leaned over in the middle of the sharing time & asked if he could get up & talk. He did, and it was beautiful...several people said he'll be a preacher some day! For a 6 year old, he's amazing.

I've been trying to keep the kids under my wing more lately to prevent sibling bickering. Now that we're back home & everything is normal, I hope to return to it more consistently. But, I just wanted to describe one of the times that I actually KNEW that it was working. While the in-laws were here, we decided to finish up a card game after dinner, while the kids were still up. In the past, I would've just told them to go off & play. But, this time, I knew I wanted to keep them close. So, the adults set up on one side of the kitchen table (seats 8) and on the other side, I got out the playdoh stuff for the kids. They played the entire time, with me right there to hear if they were beginning to argue over anything & to guide them into resolution, and they didn't feel left out or ignored. It was wonderful! I'm really starting to want them around me more, instead of always thinking of ways to get me-time.

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