Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Our long weekend

We just wrapped up our 4-day weekend...we just love those! The house is always a wreck by the end because I usually try to avoid much cleaning when Don is home and also because another person home all day just makes a bigger mess, but that is such a small price to pay to be able to spend 4 days with him! At this point, I can't even remember most of what we did, but I know that we all loved every minute of it!

Yesterday, we took the kids bowling. We haven't been bowling in over 1.5 years, so it was very interesting. It was Meagan's first time...before, she always just played around in the area or sat in a chair eating (very typical behavior for her!!) This time, the poor girl was wearing pants that tend to ride down and she had to hike them up before every ball to avoid a plumber's exposure! It was funny to see her go up to the line, hike up her pants, bend over, and push the ball. What a system! Not something you usually see among bowlers!! Anyway, Caleb was very cute too. He writes right-handed, but can never figure out which hand he wants to use in any sport. The result was that he would wind up on his right side with his right-hand fingers in the holes, run up to the line & at the very last moment, swing the ball over to his left side & bowl from that side! With his right-hand fingers still in the holes! So precious! I bowled horribly. I was beaten by both my kids (though they did use the bumpers MUCH more than I!!) I was only comforted by repeating to myself that I once bowled a 145 and beat the couple that we were playing with who owned their own shoes & balls! Today, my score was something like a 66. Oh, the shame. Don did better than I (broke 100), but we were both really out of practice...he's normally much better too.

Right now, it's 3am. That's going to make my 5am wake up time a little painful. I go through cycles where I wake up in the middle of the night & just can't get back to sleep. That's what happened tonight. Usually, I'm then up for a couple of hours before I can settle myself down enough to get back to sleep. Unfortunately, now that I wake up so early, I don't have many more hours left to get sleep in. I can never figure out the why. Usually, I can't identify any stressors. Tonight, I do know that I fell asleep with my socks on because I didn't warm up before I fell asleep. So, I woke up at 2am sweating! I just can't sleep with socks on! Anyway, I better go try to go back to sleep...or I'll pay the consequences tomorrow when I'm collapsing on the couch after breakfast!

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