Thursday, December 29, 2005

Under a mountain of laundry

Don's parents just left this morning to return home after their 10 day visit & we are leaving tomorrow morning for a 10 day visit & to attend Mommom's funeral. (Ever the penny pincher, I couldn't see the point of going if we weren't going to make a real visit out of it!) So, today, I am trying to fight my way out from under this mountain of laundry so that we'll have enough clothes to pack & also so that we won't come home to dirty clothes, towels & sheets galore. I've also not been keeping up with my daily cleaning schedule since we had company, so the kids & I will be doing those chores today too. And, to top it all off, I saw a mouse in the garage last night. If we were sticking around, I wouldn't be so concerned, but I hate to think of him inviting all his little mice buddies over for a party while we're gone. So, I stuck a couple of traps out there last far, no catch.

Anyway, our trip should be a lot of fun. My sil (Don's sis) & her family will be there too, so all the cousins will be able to play together. And, it'll give us a chance to visit all Don's aunts & uncles & cousins & his other set of grandparents as well. I guess this also means that we'll be taking an extra week of vacation from school!

Well, enough procrastinating! Time to get to work!

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