Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sad news

We've received some sad news at our house this morning. Don's dear grandmother has passed away. She had visited here about a year & a half ago when we first moved in and the kids really took to her. They really enjoyed playing with her, even though she didn't get around much. Both of them love to color one page in a coloring book while someone else colors the facing page & she was a coloring maniac! She also captured Meagan's heart by enjoying the dress-up play. She was supposed to come visit us for Christmas, along with Don's folks, but ended up hospitalized with pneumonia, at which time they discovered cancer in her lungs. The kids began praying several times a day that she would get better & be able to come. Unfortunately, they needed to start chemo, and it was quickly evident that she wouldn't be strong enough to travel. So, the kids revised the prayer to just that she would get better. Just this morning, Caleb prayed at breakfast that even though he knew that God had a plan, he hoped Mommom would be able to travel here next year for Christmas. We received a phone call shortly after breakfast that her body was beginning to shut down & just minutes later that she had died. Caleb took it very hard. He has such a tender heart & it just tore me to pieces to watch him grieve. It must be one of the hardest things we mothers do, to watch our kids in such pain, whether physical or emotional. I wish I could just hug the sadness out of him, but I can't. The only comfort I can offer is that though we don't always understand God's plans, they are always for the best. Mommom had sent a coloring page to each of the kids that she had colored for them. I'm so glad because they both have something to treasure from her. Here is a picture of her with Meagan from a year & a half ago.

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