Friday, December 16, 2005

A Friday update

Today is a slow day of school, as are all Fridays around here. We review memory work, do readers, science experiments and art projects. Today, our art project was a crude attempt at pointillism. First, we drew an outline of what we wanted to paint. Then, we dipped q-tips into the paint to make paint dots to fill in the spaces. Caleb made Mr. Incredible & his car and Meagan made a flower & a person. They had a lot of fun.

We are getting ready for Grandpa's visit tomorrow. The kids have lots of plans for him! Caleb wants to take him to see Narnia (we've seen it already) and Don & I may use him as childcare so we can sneak out & see Dreamer.

Here's another picture from this year. It's our trip to the Grand Canyon. We took the train to the rim and stayed overnight there. It really is beautiful and amazing. It was a lot of walking and we decided we definitely should have brought the stroller as Meagan got very cranky walking so much. Apparently, I did a really good job of reminding the kids to keep back from the edge because when we got home, Caleb had a nightmare about falling into the canyon! Oops! Maybe I did my job too well!

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