Monday, February 1, 2010

January 2010 Farm Production

Somehow, I write a post and then 11 days go by without anything. I don't quite ever know exactly where all that time went, but it sure does go fast. Ah well, here's to more consistency...

Anyway, things have been pretty consistent on the milk and egg front, except that we didn't milk for 4 days due to a really bad storm. With all the calves in the barn, there wasn't any milk left for us! Our visitor, Harriet, has returned to her family, and we've still not started milking Lily or Belle. We are thinking about just not adding to the winter work load with them. We are getting plenty of milk for now. We'll see. Our thinking may change. The good news, though, is that Belle has been much less skittish. She is actually letting us lead her by the halter. The bad news is that Harriet did not get bred which means either Bert is a dud or she just didn't take for some reason. The next thing to do is to load Bert on the trailer and take him in to be tested. That'll be fun. Jersey bulls are not known for their friendly demeanor. It's not like you can just loop a halter on him and say, "Come."

Eggs collected: 343, or about 28.5 dozen (about 11/day)

Milk collected: 1291 cups, or nearly 81 gallons (about 2.88 gallons/day)
Milk sold: 2 gallons

Oh, and our pig is getting close to butcher-age. We'll be trying to sell her, as we still have lots of pork left from our last butchering.


shelley said...

I love living vicariously through you -- our chickens finally started laying a few days ago, and I am thrilled to find one little egg each morning in the nest!! :)

I just love following your fam! :)

Nancy M. said...

Time does get away from me sometimes too! Sounds like most everything is going well!

Rae said...

Wow so i did a search for a bucket milker craigslist and came across your blog. This is perfect! We live in NW iowa. I'm jealous that it's legal to buy and sell milk in NE as it's not here. Working on changing that. Anyway i just had to drop a quick note. Just looing at your topics i see we have adoption in common as well as our desire to milk, and we have chickens too! I can't wait to read your blog!

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