Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wedded bliss

Don and I were married on New Year's Eve fifteen years ago. Fifteen years! That is hardly believable. Especially since I haven't aged at all in that time. I should really dig out a wedding photo, though, because Don has changed so much. He used to have this skinny pencil neck! Of course, he was only 21 at the time.

We don't often exchange gifts for our anniversary. It's proximity to Christmas makes gift-giving seem extraneous. But, this year, we skipped the Christmas gifts. We only gave gifts to people outside our immediate family. So, when I had an idea just a few days before our anniversary, I decided to act on it.

Don loves foosball. He and a buddy used to play nearly daily when we lived in Oklahoma. And now, we have this wonderful new sunroom to enjoy but only some garden benches for it in the way of furniture. Lots of empty space. So, I got on Craigslist.


At the moment, you have to be a real die-hard to want to play in the sunroom because it is C.O.L.D. We've been down to -11 degrees and it isn't much warmer in there yet. Drywall is going in though, so we will soon get to open the house up to the new rooms and start up our new wood-burning stove. It will get better. For now, though, it's coats, hats, and gloves if you want to play.
It makes it just that much more of a challenge.


Nancy M. said...

Awesome gift! They must really love it if they are playing in the freezing weather!

Anonymous said...

Wood burning stove?? You will LOVE it! We had one in MD and loved it, moved to KY and didn't have one our first winter. My parents helped fund the chimney/woodstove project last October and we haven't looked back. It's a whole different kind of warmth! :) Can't wait to see the finished projects!! I think Josh looks like Don but when he smiles? Definitely you!!
~Jill Brown