Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another prairie dress

A long time ago, I made this dress for Meagan. I didn't know a whole lot about sewing, especially pattern sizes, so it was entirely too big. Well, the girl has been growing like a weed since then and now it fits.

And my, but she does look cute in it. She absolutely loves it.

For her birthday, she got a gift card to Hancock Fabrics. She wanted to make another dress, so she and I were digging through my fabric to see what we already had. We found some pink floral fabric, enough for the dress and bonnet, so she used her gift card for the pinafore. I've spent the last several days sewing away.

Here it is...
The pinafore fabric is a little thicker than the blue I used for the other dress, which is good because she's not exactly the type of girl who sits around with her ankles crossed. I've had to repair a button that pulled out on the blue pinafore.

One more winter project that I can cross off my list!


OurCrazyFarm said...

You did a great job! This post was so perfect in our timing (see, God had a reason for it to take this long before you finished it!LOL!:)). We were just planning our 2nd annual history re-enactment for this spring and decided to do the Oregon Trail. I have been looking for costume patterns and this is just the inspiration I needed! So cute! Do you care to share the pattern?? or a tutorial?? The bonnet is sooooo cute! Better than the pattern I found!

Gina said...

The pattern is McCall's 9424. It's a costume pattern, which cracks me up since Meagan sure doesn't consider herself to be wearing a costume!