Sunday, December 20, 2009

And baby makes nine.

Lily is the proud new mama of a baby bull calf! I do realize that if we continue to grow like this, at some point, it would be silly to post each birth announcement. But, for now, it is still so new and exciting for us that I simply have to share!

Lily and Belle were bred to the same bull, so it isn't too surprising that their calves are nearly identical. The guys went out to milk this morning and Don's dad opened the back door of the barn. He had to rub his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing double.

We've named the little tyke Runza. His future is nearly certain as beef, so we thought a food name was appropriate. Being named after a Nebraska favorite beef sandwich seemed natural.

Lily is a wee bit short. She is so short that when we've used the bucket milker on her, the claw (the part that attaches to her teats) nearly scrapes the ground. We always laughed about it, wondering how on earth a calf could get low enough to nurse off of her. We still don't know, incidentally. Runza wasn't hungry when I was out there taking pictures. Someday, I'm sure I'll catch them in the act, though, and the mystery will be solved. We suspect that he may get down on his knees, but we aren't sure. You can see, though, in the photo, when he came over to check her out that he is a little tall to nurse like most calves do. Caleb thinks we ought to make a stand for her to get up on so he can nurse more easily.

There is Snowflake and Runza together. Snowflake is definitely bigger in comparison, with just 10 days between them.

Baby calves are just the same as baby humans...sleep is a favorite pastime.


Nancy M. said...

They are both precious!

~OurCrazyFarm said...

Congratulations! Please, do keep sharing all the birth announcements! What a handsome little fella!

Emily said...

Ohhhh, they are so cute!

I keep coveting your cows. We need more land. We're planning on getting a pregnant doe next spring so that we will have fresh (raw!) goat milk, and we have our 8 chickens, but this stuff just kind of becomes an obsession. I want a BIGGER garden next year, and MORE chickens. It's fun stuff.

Spring Lake Farm said...

How exciting! I can't wait for our first farm babies.

Happy Holidays,