Saturday, June 20, 2009

Due date

Well, my due date is here...and in just a few hours, it will be left behind.

I am almost to the point where I've stopped paying any attention at all to the contractions because they feel so serious, only to leave me hanging. I'll know they are real when the baby comes out, I guess. Until then, I'm not believing they are real any more!

Don has everything planned out and the next available time for the baby to be born is Tuesday. I've put the baby on alert, but I'm not counting on his/her cooperation. Tomorrow, we are having a guest come from Phoenix on his way through, moving to D.C. He was a single guy that came over quite often for dinner and board games when we lived in Arizona. I don't even know how many games of Settlers of Catan we played with him. And then, Monday, Don's mom comes in. Don is hoping to go look at a Jersey cow on Wednesday. Oh, and on Thursday, Don's sister and family will visit on their way out of the country for their next assignment (army) in Germany! We like to cram in a lot of activities around the birth, apparently! So, baby, it's either now or Tuesday, you decide.

Yeah, that will work.


Leslie λέγω said...

Praying for a smooth delivery and a lovely welcoming into the Underwood home. Congrats!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Hope that baby cooperates with all your plans:) Just curious, are you having a home birth, midwife, hospital? Praying for a great delivery!

sarah in the woods said...

Praying for you. Hope you find some time to rest these next few days.

Geraldine said...

Babies like to keep things interesting, don't they! With my first baby I had tons of false labor for the last month before my due date, and I still went a week overdue. With my second I didn't have a single contraction, so I just thought she was going to be that much later. When I felt a twinge 9 days before my due date, I thought, "well finally I'm getting a few false contractions." A few hours later I was quite puzzled. I couldn't remember my previous false labor hurting that bad. I finally went to the hospital, thinking I couldn't possibly be in labor, because it was way too soon, only to find out I was already 9cm dilated!