Friday, March 27, 2009

Cold again.

Warm again...Cold again...Warm again...Cold again...Warm... (you get the picture.)

This seems to be the way of a Nebraska winter. And while the warm days are simple glorious, it does make the cold days seem colder. The good news is that if you wait a few more days, it'll be warm again. After many days of short sleeves and drinking plenty of water while working out in the garden, it has turned cold again.

And so, I thought I'd show some pictures from the cold snap before this last warmer time.

The pigs are so silly. They have a nice warm (relatively, of course) hut to sleep in, but they'd rather all pile up in a heap outside of it. It may be, and is actually quite likely, that they did not all fit any longer into the hut and wherever mom laid, the pigs were sure to follow. She does, after all, have a bit of body mass to keep them warm. We have since moved the piglets out to the pasture and the sow has gone on to freezer camp (more on that another time).
This is a gigantic icicle that I pulled off of our garage. It measured about 3 feet long. The kids were quite impressed. And please, no comments about my attire. It is what is necessary to keep a girl warm on these cold days. It ain't perty, but the animals don't care.
I sit here typing this, listening to the north wind howl and hoping for warmer weather soon so I can get back out into the garden. Lots of work still to do!

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Mrs. Trixi said...

And I just thought it was cold here. We too have had our little sows processed. I miss them but we have a freezer full of meat and that's not even including the smoked part.