Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On Jack and meat.

As much as it embarrasses me to admit it, I am a 24 junkie. I haven't loved a TV series and felt an urgent need to keep up with one since before Caleb was born. And, well, I haven't had a chance. When you have no TV (save for the one hooked up to the DVD player), it is hard to become attached.

But once, when Don was on a business trip with the Air Force, I noticed the first 2 24 seasons at the library and thought I'd give it a whirl. Don had seen them while in Iraq and had said they were pretty good. I didn't quite understand why it would be exciting to see every minute of a whole day, but I didn't have a husband for a few weeks and had nothing better to do with my evenings (which, by the way, are always longer when he's away because I can never get to sleep as early). By the end of episode one, I was hooked. I love me a good action flick. And had it not been for a very good friend (I love you, Jenn!) saying "Can you believe Nina was the traitor?", I would've been so surprised. And I love a show that can surprise me. In fact, I was almost suspecting she had fooled me, because I just couldn't see it coming at all.

Anyway, after that, I told Don that I absolutely must see more of this show. We managed to borrow seasons 3 and 4. I bought seasons 5 & 6. I may have been bummed about spending the money, but once we watched them, I was able to resell them for nearly as much as I paid. And really, who needs to watch it again? The whole thing is the twists and surprises.

And now, I've been waiting for season 7. On a whim, I decided to google it to see when it was coming out and, lo and behold, I find out they are showing a special 2-hour movie this Sunday. The sun was shining just a little bit brighter. So, I talked to my dear cousin who has cable & also loves 24 & said, "We're coming over, you know." We've got it all worked out...the kids are going to watch a movie on the projector upstairs while we get a 2-hour Jack Bauer fix downstairs.

But before we get our fill of shootings, torture, and traitors, we are going to partake of some large hunks of meat. My cousin has been given huge quantities of Omaha Steaks and needs a couple of carnivores to share it with. We fit that bill. So we are going to have a meat-eating, Jack-watching party. It will probably make the papers, I tell ya.

I wonder if Jack will break any rules this time...

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Mrs. Trixi said...

We watched 24 a little when my husband was getting ready to go to Iraq but haven't since he has been home. I had forgotten all about it. Like you we don't watch much TV at all.