Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Old houses

One of the neat things about old houses is that over time, they have been added to and subtracted from ad nauseum, leaving you with interesting tidbits like this one:
A vent. That leads nowhere. I'm sure it was one connected to some sort of heating system, but now, it just opens up into a big hole, looking down in the basement.Now if you are an inquisitive baby, a vent like this will fascinate you. But what makes it even more special is if your brother will run down to the basement and then talk to you through the vent.Abby will laugh and laugh at whoever will entertain her through that vent. And, of course, her giggle is reward enough to get everyone in on it.If she hears anyone in the basement, she'll scoot from wherever she is to get a peek at what is going on down there. And then holler until you pay attention.


Mrs. Trixi said...

Oh, how fun!!!

Jamie Stroupe said...

Oh if that is not the cutest thing ever. I really like the pic of the view through the vent.
What a blessing and and enjoyment to watch!!!!!!