Thursday, November 6, 2008

The cutest little fairy

We haven't done anything for Halloween in years. Well, that is, unless you count heading out to the movies that night to avoid all the hubbub, but still give the kids a fun time. This year, Halloween went by with hardly a mention because it is not like you really have trick-or-treaters our here. Kids aren't about to hike a mile between houses, you know. But the day before, a group of homeschoolers had a costume party and we decided to attend. Caleb dressed as a cowboy and Meagan as Little Bo Peep. I wasn't going to dress Abby up at all, as she wouldn't even know the difference, but on the day of the party, I relented and we ran over to Goodwill to look for baby costumes. And oh, she was adorable. I may just have to dress her up like this all the time.
P.S. I actually got in on the fun too and dressed up. I was a farm girl. My cousin asked me how in the world I ever found the accessories for such an exotic costume. I wasn't sure that people even knew I was in costume.

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