Friday, September 19, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday

Just in time for the weather to change, I finally found the time to finish Meagan’s dress. This was the one made from the fabric we scored from my Grandma. I had hoped to get it done in time for a party she went to in July. Then, I hoped it would be done by her birthday. Then I thought I might get it done so that she could wear it to meet Don’s folks at the airport. I then foolishly thought I might get it done before our potluck. But, alas, it is now done, many moons later. And the weather has dropped from 90 degrees last Monday to 60 degrees and raining. Fall is most definitely here and her summer dress will not see the kind of action I know she had planned. On the positive side, I do believe it will still fit her next summer, so all is not lost. And, if nothing else, Abby will wear it.

Here it is:The yellow floral fabric was what was given to us and I bought the green to match. We also picked up some cute sunflower buttons for an accent on the straps. I used this pattern (McCall's Easy Stitch 'n Save M4567) before when I made my first dress. It isn’t exactly a simple dress, with poofy sleeves, a zipper, and collar. It wasn’t too bad, though. As a matter of fact, it went much more smoothly than the last time I did it because I didn’t have to tear out seams after sewing the sleeves on inside-out.

After I finished the dress, I whipped up this clothespin bag. Meagan found this vest at Goodwill. The vest was downright hideous. Not only was it made out of this busy farm print, but it was absolutely covered with buttons in the shapes of farm animals. Meagan loved the buttons, though, and since it was dirt cheap, I decided to buy it and tear it apart. I took off all the buttons for her and then decided that with a few snips and a few new seams, I could turn it into something useful quite easily. And so that hideous vest has found new life as a clothespin bag, which I happened to really need.

And that is all for this week! And given that my to-do list is still quite long and cold weather is coming on quickly, that will likely be the only Sew Crafty entry I am able to finish until the cold days of winter. I’m thinking I will get my sewing machine tuned up in anticipation of all the work I will put it through. Visit Shereen at Waiting for Him for more Sew Crafty creations.


Mrs.T said...

The dress is cute! I especially love the clothespin bag, though. Very, very cute -- and what a clever way to use something that otherwise wasn't very usable!

God bless,

Mom2fur said...

Oh, how cute is that? With a little orange ribbon bow at the neck and a sweater, your little girl could certainly wear it for the fall.
And that was a really clever way to use that vest!

Ginny said...

What an adorable dress and your daughter looks like she love it. I also like your clothespin bag. I've been meaning to make one of those myself, but like you trying to find the time. Wonder what your daughter is going to do with all those buttons? Great work on your projects.