Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On the other side of siding

Things seem to get done when Don's dad is in town.

Our garage was delivered in a million pieces back in October. Yes, that is nearly a year ago. And since it came off the truck, that vinyl siding has been sitting in the very same spot.

Until a little over a week ago.

It is now wonderfully residing on the walls of the garage. Even through rain and chill, that siding went up. There were times when we were all completely drenched. But once Don's dad gets started on a project, he doesn't stop. And while he wanted to get electricity in and drywall up while he was here as well, I was quite happy with what did get done.

Of course, now our house is in even a more glaringly need of a paint job. When is he coming back???

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Anonymous said...

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