Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh how embarrassing.

I've never been one to sleep in church. Never. I've always been the awake one, ribbing Don to get him to stop snoring.

Well, I can no longer say that. And you want to know the real kicker? It was homechurch. 2 families. I couldn't really hide it. I came to when one of the kids was saying, "Is Mrs. U asleep?" I just hung my head in shame...and to catch another few winks.

As an aside, I really want to post about our journey into the realm of homechurch, but I know it's going to be fairly long and deep and don't want to just gloss over it. And right now is not the time. But I promise that I will eventually get to it.

For Father's Day, we did a little recycling. We rebirthed a scrap from the kitchen remodel into something that Don has wanted ever since we've been married. The ultimate component to a man's garage...the pegboard. But instead of just buying one, we took a scrap of wall paneling and drilled it.

Yes, we drilled it. That's 2448 holes. Call me crazy, but it accomplished three things. It served to be a way to recycle what would otherwise be wasted. It gave the kids a gift they could give that wouldn't cost them anything. And, it kept us busy for several days. They loved all the drilling.
Abby sat in her stroller and watched, pining for the day when her mother would let her drill 2500 holes.

Some day, Abby. Some day.

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