Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May Milk & Eggs Tally

Our May totals are as follows:

1 - 16 eggs
2 - 102 eggs
3 - 29 eggs
4 - 18 eggs
5 - forgot to record
6 - forgot to record
7 - 21 eggs
8 - 31 eggs
9 - 68 eggs
10 - 27 eggs
11 - 23 eggs
12 - 21 eggs
13 - 26 eggs
14 - 19 eggs
15 - 18 eggs
16 - 70 eggs
17 - 22 eggs, 4 cups milk
18 - 23 eggs, 6.5 cups milk
19 - 20 eggs, 10 cups milk
20 - 20 eggs, 1.5 cups milk
21 - 32 eggs, 3 cups milk
22 - 28 eggs, 3.5 cups milk
23 - 37 eggs, 12.5 cups milk
24 - 24 eggs, 11.5 cups milk
25 - 17 eggs, 10.5 cups milk
26 - 8 eggs, 12 cups milk
27 - 17 eggs, 9.5 cups milk
28 - 21 eggs, 18.5 cups milk
29 - 19 eggs, 11.5 cups milk
30 - 29 eggs, 12.5 cups milk
31 - 24 eggs, 13 cups milk

Total-830 recorded eggs, 140 cups milk
Or 69.17 dozen and 8.75 gallons

Eggs sold:15 dozen! That was exciting. We've given tons away, but we actually sold some too this month.

There were a few notable occurrences. On May 2, we moved the chicken coop and found a HUGE stash of eggs. We had that happen again on May 5 and May 9 before we finally put up some boards to block them out of getting under the coop. That has helped tremendously. Luckily, the found eggs are all still good. That is, if they haven't been cracked.

On the night of the 25th, we had a really bad storm which blew the roof off of the coop. The next day, we got only 8 eggs. I think they were just too upset by the storm. Either that or the lack of privacy made them lay out in the grass somewhere, as of yet undetected. Regardless, it was a bad day for eggs.

On the 17th, we started milking Annabelle. At first, we just tied her to a post and went to work. We were doing okay, but it wasn't ideal. Then, on the 19th, I finished the stanchion. So, on the 20th, I milked her in that. She did not like it at all. And between the kicking and dancing, I didn't get a whole lot of milk for a few days. She's fine with it now and we've settled into somewhat of a routine, but whether Burt or I get to her first makes a significant difference on how much milk I get. The up-side to that is that there is some forgiveness built in to the system. If I don't get her drained (which happened a lot at first), Burt will finish the job for me. At some point, we will probably separate them overnight until I get hr milked, but for now, I'm not concerned. In fact, I don't know if my arms and hands can take much more right now anyway!


Barb J. said...

Great tally. I think we are going to start counting ours. How many hens do you have?

Gina said...

Let's see...

We have around 35 laying hens and their 5 roosters. It's been a while since we've counted and I know we lost a couple (hawks!), but I think that's about right.

We have about 25 younger chickens, a straight-run mixture, who will either become a part of the laying flock or become dinner, depending on gender.

And, lastly, we have around 100 new broiler chicks. Half are cockerels in a mixture of "heavy" varieties and half are Cornish X Rocks, the typical supermarket variety. We've had fairly high casualties in the Cornish Xs, so we are so far less than impressed. We'll see what happens.